The Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial offers a series of seminars for groups who want to explore the role of public institutions in Nazi Germany in relation to current human rights issues. The individual seminars focus on individual institutions and professions, particularly the police, public administration, the judiciary and the armed forces.
These courses attempt to reveal relationships and connections between the involvement of German public institutions in Nazi crimes, continuities and ruptures within these institutions before 1933 and after the war, and current human rights issues. They are aimed primarily at trainees and staff members in public sector institutions, but also at groups of young adults and adults who want to examine the role of public sector institutions under the Nazis.  
The project group “History of Nazi Germany, Institutions, Human Rights” also offers further training courses for staff members of concentration camp memorials and information disseminators from the education sector. These courses can be booked here.
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The following seminars and courses have so far been developed:


Further training courses:
Course modules on the judiciary, the armed forces, the police and public administration under the Nazis