Course Modules

The seminars consist of different modules. Some of these modules represent two- to four-hour courses, others are two-day seminars. The CD that comes with the book History of Nazi Germany, Institutions, Human Rights contains selected course materials that can be used for teaching. The titles of the first nine individual seminars follow those of the chapters in the publication. 


  • Module A (Kathrin Herold): Associative introductions. A reflective Examination of Historical and Contemporary Images in Educational Work on Antiziganism
  • Module B (Oliver von Wrochem/Georg Erdelbrock): The Behaviour of the Police from a Historical Perspective: The Role of the Police in the Nazi Era and in the Concentration Camp System 
  • Module C (Christoph Bitterberg): The Nazi Judiciary: Scope of Action in the Penal System
  • Module D (Georg Erdelbrock/Bernd Schroller): Local Administrative Policies in Historical perspective: Personnel and Welfare Policies in Nazi Germany
  • Module E (Ulrike Pastoor/Oliver von Wrochem): Prosecution of Nazi Crimes, Denazification and the Development of Human Rights Protection
  • Module F (Kathrin Herold): The Genocide of the Roma and Sinti by the Nazis: Past and Present forms of Antiziganism 
  • Module G (Katharina Möller/Ulrike Pastoor): Preventive Detention Past and Present
  • Module H (Christian Hartz): Dimensions of Forced Labour Between 1933 and 1945 and Compensation Practices in Germany after the War 
  • Module I (Martin Reiter/Oliver von Wrochem): Human Rights in the Context of Refugee Issues


In addition, the following new course modules have been developed:


  • Module J (Andreas Strippel): The Concept of Crime Prevention and Nazi “Criminal Anthropology”
  • Module K (Andreas Strippel): Denazification, Trials of Nazi Criminals and Continuities in Police Work after 1945
  • Module L (Andreas Strippel): The Nazis’ Reshaping of the Justice System and Post-War Trials of Nazi Criminal
  • Module M (Ulrike Pastoor): Training seminar for teachers on the courses from the “History of Nazi Germany, Institutions, Human Rights” project
  • Module N (Katharina Möller): Training seminar for teachers on “The Justice System under the Nazis”
  • Module O (Katharina Möller): Training seminar for teachers on “The German Police under the Nazis”
  • Module P (Katharina Möller): Policemen as Perpetrators and Victims in the Concentration Camp System
  • Module Q (Bernd Schroller): Training seminar for teachers on “Administrative Policies, Antiziganism and Forced Labour under the Nazis”
  • Module R (Marco Kühnert): Criminal Behaviour within the Wehrmacht under the Nazis
  • Module S (Marco Kühnert): Deportations, Selections, Mass Murder: The Treatment of Soviet POWs in the Concentration Camps
  • Module T (Marco Kühnert): Internment, Re-Education and Punishment: The British Internment Camp at Neuengamme, 1945-1948
  • Module U (Marco Kühnert): Training seminar for teachers on Wehrmacht crimes in warfare and within the concentration camp system, 1939-1945